Our Outdoor Screen in the Plaza presents a unique, specialised program that celebrates artists, filmmakers, animators, sporting heroes and our community. Learn more about the content we show directly from the minds of the curators. This week we hear from Uyen Nguyen about her curated piece titled, Moments.
Huh; Evan McInnes (2018); courtesy of RMIT University
Huh; Evan McInnes (2018); courtesy of RMIT University


Text provided by Uyen Nguyen, Masters of Animation, Gaming and Interactivity, RMIT University 

Moments curated by Uyen Nguyen 

Animated vignettes capture brief moments, fragments and snapshots of characters, scenarios, emotions, places and the relationships between them. Although with little or no complete plot, narrative or story these animations convey a multitude of meanings - from deeply revelatory commentary to amusing and charming anecdotes. Eschewing conventional linear storytelling techniques that are commonly used to advance detailed narratives, these animations from the Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity at RMIT University instead play with experimental stylistic and conceptual approaches to convey evocative impressions and perceptions. Some of these animations interpret slices of the everyday in different ways, while others reveal surreal and whimsical moments that reimagine the familiar. Despite their brevity, all these snippets and scenes suggest wider worlds and imaginative new contexts and understandings through the interpretive power of animation.

  • Diorama: Up High, Detached, Observer; Ika Jumali; (2019) 
  • Rituals: Cafe, Kitchen, Studio; Ika Jumali; (2019) 
  • Huh; Evan McInnes; (2018) 
  • Urbanality; Evan McInnes;  (2019) 
  • The Pond; Yee Hui Wong; (2020) 
  • Space; Jingyi Lin; (2019) 
  • Situations; Jingyi Lin; (2018) 
  • Friends; Uyen Nguyen; (2019) 
  • Pet Plant; Yeunji Kim; (2019) 
  • Sidewalk Scribbles; Peter Lowey; (2011) 
  • Xiao kui; Xun Yao; (2018) 
  • Cafe Figures MoBlur; Gina Moore; (2020) 
  • Shelves; Gina Moore; (2020) 
  • Books; Gina Moore; (2020) 
  • Plants; Gina Moore; (2020) 
  • Tennis Shoes; Gina Moore; (2020) 
  • Dream; Joyce Huang; (2020) 
  • Lost; Joyce Huang; (2019) 
  • The Competition of Big; Vita Nie; (2019) 
  • The Winter; Xin Li 
  • Two little people; Xin Li

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