Strap yourself in for Placemaker, an augmented reality game that encourages players to get out and explore with their friends!

Who's it for?
The game is great for anyone aged 7 and up. Yes Mum and Dad, you can play too.

So how do we play?
To get started playing you’ll first need to download the Placemaker app onto your tablet or smartphone - visit the Placemaker website for a step by step guide. Once the app is up and running on your device you can start looking for hidden codes. Hidden codes are funky looking shapes that have been placed in special locations around Bunjil Place.

Race with your friends scavenger-style to see who can collect all the codes first. Once you've all found all the codes in the precinct, you can join forces and become a SUPER MEGA team, building against other teams within the game. 

Where do we get started?
We think you may find something "useful" in the Gallery entry way (wink, wink).

So who was the genius that came up with this game?
Placemaker was developed by artist and game developer, Troy Innocent, as part of our original Let's Play exhibition in the Gallery. Innocent has one of those seriously wild creative brains whose ideas explore the way cities are imagined. He has plans to take the game even further by expanding the playing area over the entire City of Casey - WOW, we are sooo going to dominate when this happens.

Email our Gallery team if you'd like to know more about the game or are interested in an education kit for primary or secondary students.

Until then visit the Placemaker website and join the tribe!