What's on


Let's Play: The art of our time

Let’s Play: The art of our time embarks on a quest with some of the most playful and inquisitive artists from Australia and around the globe to explore some of life’s big questions. Just expect a dose of fun, childlike curiosity and a puzzle or two thrown in for good measure.

Backyard Summer

It’s summer school holidays and that means one word to us, FREEDOM! Come and kick back, soak up the sunshine, play outside in the biggest, best backyard in town, right here at Bunjil Place!

Drop by Drawing for Kids

Just for kids who love to draw! Get along to Bunjil Place Gallery and join us for informal, artist-led sketching.

Drop by Drawing

Get along to Bunjil Place Gallery to join us for a free session of informal, artist-led sketching.

Summer of Sport: Australian Open

We're serving up the best of the Australian Open on the big screen, including special live events, so you can make the most of this summer staple.

The Great Toy Contest

See toys both historical and recent come to life, and compete for the title of 'Most Popular Toy in the World!'. There's a talkative teddy, a toy soldier, a delightful doll and a well-known character straight from your iPad. Now you can finally answer the question: Which toy really is the best?

Inside Out

Pack a picnic, find the perfect spot on our front lawn and catch the best movies as the sun sets over the the treetops.

The Next Big Thing

Melbourne’s theatre scene is filled with some of the most incredible talent this country has to offer. This show aims to focus on the teenagers and young adults who are destined to be 'The Next Big Thing'.