To ensure the well-being, safety, and enjoyment of both visitors and staff, the following Conditions of Entry and Use apply within the Bunjil Place Precinct. Staff reserve the authority to deny entry or eject any individual from the premises who violate these conditions. These Entry Conditions may be amended without prior notice and at the discretion of the staff.

By entering Bunjil Place, each person acknowledges and agrees to be bound by all of the following:

General Conditions of Entry:

1. Bunjil Place staff reserve the right to refuse entry

2. Visitors must respect the rights of others and are responsible for treating staff, artists, contractors and other visitors with respect and kindness

3. Visitors must take care of their own belongings and not leave them unattended

4. Children and minors must be supervised by parents, guardians, or caregivers at all times

5. No threats, violence, hate speech or offensive behaviour toward staff, patrons, guests, visitors or contractors is permitted

6. No actions may be taken which cause disruption or disturbance of or to events, functions, activations, visitors or staff undertaking their duties

7. No actions, games or play (including ball games) may be undertaken which would cause danger, harm or risk to any person or the precinct

8. No unauthorised photography or filming without a permit

9. No damaging, theft, defacing, or removing any sign, structure, facility, resources, equipment, or natural feature of the precinct

10. Bunjil Place is a licensed venue and as such, the licensee is responsible for complying with the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998, and fully supports and practices the Responsible Service of Alcohol.

a. Visitors and patrons may be requested to provide proof of identity and/or age at any time.
b. No consumption of alcohol outside of licensed events within designated areas
c. Strictly no alcohol may be brought onto the premises

11. No commercial functions, activities or unauthorised gatherings without a valid permit or booking to operate within the precinct

12. No soliciting or collecting money, distributing handbills, pamphlets, books or other advertising placards or notices

13. No littering or creating undue mess

14. No unauthorised access to restricted areas, gates, fences, hedges or barriers

15. No smoking, vaping or use of illicit substances at any time within the Bunjil Place Precinct

16. No flying of drones within 150m of Bunjil Place without approved Council permit

17. No use of the Wi-Fi for any content which depicts, alludes to or promotes illegal or offensive content or behaviour

18. No sign posting or affixing of placards, posters, or stickers on or around the precinct

19. No vehicles, motorbikes or other modes of transportation permitted on precinct grounds without prior permission

20. No playing or operating of sound producing devices (including devices that make, reproduce, or amplify sound)

21. No camping or erecting any tents and or temporary accommodation structures on the precinct grounds

22. Animals are prohibited from the Bunjil Place precinct (other than trained, registered and visibly identifiable assistance dogs)

23. Peaceful protesting in the external public spaces is permitted, however:

a. Not permitted inside the building

b. No hate speech, criminal activity, or disruption to other patrons or visitors, events or functions is permitted during any protests

Additional Conditions of Entry - Gallery:

1. Touching of artwork is not permitted (unless stated otherwise)

2. Food and drink are not permitted within the Gallery

3. Bags or items, where the longest length is 40cm or more are not permitted in exhibition areas, this includes umbrellas, this can be left at own risk at designated areas

4. Children (including students) must be supervised by an adult or guardian during your visit

5. Visitors are welcome to use cameras and mobile devices within the Gallery, however commercial photography is prohibited as art is subject to copyright protection under the Australian Copyright Act in 1968, with the exception for ‘research or study’, ‘criticism or review’. No flash photography allowed.

Additional Conditions of Entry - All Events, Functions and Activations within the Precinct:

1. Functions, events or activations may be ticketed and not open to the public without a ticket.

2. For ticketed events, you must present and retain a valid ticket to be permitted entry or re-entry.

3. Ticket holders are required to remain within the allocated seating or allocated area designated on their ticket. Refusal may result in a request to depart the ticketed event.

4. Any actions or activities which cause disruption or interference are not permitted during setup, event or pack-down of functions, events, or activations.

5. Bunjil Place may limit access to areas, items and equipment during events when required to do so, and any items and equipment which have been stored, roped off, or clearly identified for events are not available for general use at any time.

6. Filming and photography of events, functions or activations may be limited as per child safety and copyright regulations, or the event presenter’s requirements.

7. Signed conditions for events, functions or other activations must be adhered to at all times.

8. Unless expressly specified to the contrary for a particular event or performance, children under the age of 15 must at all times be under the supervision of a responsible adult (18 years of age or older) when attending an event or performance. For children aged 15 years old or over, parental discretion should be exercised regarding whether they can attend an event or performance, without supervision.

Additional Conditions of Entry - Theatre and Studio:

1. Children under the age of two are free if seated on the lap of their carer; children aged two

years or older require their own ticketed seat

2. Child assisting devices such as prams, pushers, capsules are not permitted and can be left in designated areas at own risk

3. Umbrellas are not permitted and can be left in designated areas at own risk

Filming and Photography Conditions and Permits:

1. Visitors are welcome to document their visit with photos or filming for personal use – no permit is required

2. Student photography of the building is permitted – no permit is required

3. Commercial, professional, or promotional filming and photography is strictly prohibited without a permit and prior authorisation

4. Filming and photography of events, functions or activations may be limited due to child safety and copyright regulations, or at the request of the event presenter

5. Any permitted filming or photography is prohibited from disrupting, disturbing, or interfering with visitors, staff, functions, events, or activations 

Film Permit: Get a film permit | City of Casey 
Media Contacts: Media contacts and protocol | City of Casey

Conditions of Use - Cloaking Services

A free cloaking service is available for customers to utilise during their visit to Bunjil Place.

1. Whilst all care will be taken with personal items, customers cloak their items at their own risk. City of Casey, nor its employees, do not accept any liability for the loss of, or damage to, any items that are cloaked.

2. Customers must retain and present their original cloaking tag to collect their item.

3. Items not collected after 48 hours may be disposed of.

4. Illegal, prohibited, or perishable items will not be accepted for cloaking.

5. Staff may request customers to cloak an item should it present as an OH&S risk or impact on the enjoyment or personal space of others, e.g. flowers, large umbrellas, large bags.

Ticketing Conditions of Sale, follow the link below: 
Ticketing Terms and Conditions of Sale

Use of your Image

1. You consent to and authorize the City of Casey to film, record or photograph you, and to reproduce recordings in any audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction in any medium or context for any purpose without further authorization by, or compensation or attribution to you

2. All recordings are the sole property of the City of Casey and you release us from liability arising from such usage

3. Security cameras operate on the premises and you acknowledge that you may be filmed.

4. The Gallery is fitted with CCTV cameras and is continuously recorded. We reserve the right to create records of activities taking place at Bunjil Place for reporting, archival and promotional purposes.