Bunjil Place is seeking annual Major Partners and Sponsors across a selection of precinct partners categories and key events for 2024. 

Bunjil Place presents and promotes the best Australian and international art that engages, challenges, and inspires our diverse audiences.    

Bunjil Place unites world-class facilities in one unique space. It houses venues for the performing and visual arts, meeting and function rooms, an award-winning public library, a beautiful outdoor plaza, and big screen, all brought together under one spectacular roof.   

Bunjil Place is proud to present exciting and engaging events and programs throughout 2024, all supported with comprehensive marketing/PR campaigns and fantastic ROI. 

Bunjil Place is looking to engage suitable partners to help deliver high-quality programming and unique experiences for our audiences. 


If you would like to... You might like to become our...
Grow Casey’s creative capability, develop future-facing ideas and enable and strengthen the wider community through positive collaborative arts experiences. Major Artistic Precinct Partner 
Support arts-based programming and activations that promote local tourism through food and drinks by bringing friends and family together in a relaxed and fun environment. Hospitality Partner
Support the creation of learning experiences that foster students’ ability to connect academic content to a real-world context. Education Partners
Build on a shared commitment to engage children and families in Arts and Culture. Family Partners
Become the exclusive Car Partner for Bunjil Place.  Ignite the creative spark of our community and support a range of programs at the Bunjil Place precinct.  Car Partner
Provide quality and accessible accommodation for visitors and performers to Bunjil Place. Accommodation Partners
Be active in fostering a sense of community connectedness and awareness of the important services within the entire Bunjil Place precinct. Precinct Supporter
Sponsor a singular arts-based program that falls in line with your organisational values and target audience. 2024 Key Event Partners
Support an annual or multi-year arts program and support arts in the region and/or assist in developing and nurturing our future artists, here in Casey.  2024 Program Partner
Interested in partnering with us?

If you would like to discuss partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Business Development Coordinator Megan Pascoe on 9709 9392 or [email protected].