Young people are invited to join our community of young creatives and participate in tailored events, artist development programs and online experiences. 

Youth Arts Program 
- Arts Agitators

Arts Agitators is a youth program dedicated to helping artists and creatives working in all mediums at the beginning of their careers discover their creative style, as well as connect them with like-minded artists. Not only do we explore our own creative styles together, but the facilitators offer amazing opportunities to see exhibitions and performances together, participate in workshops that are run by established south-east artists and even create our own workshops, exhibitions and events.

I love Arts Agitators because once a fortnight it gives me that time to just unwind and create or talk about art. I am a young adult who works and is starting university and I find it hard to fit in making art into my schedule. Arts Agitators offer me that space to not only be creative, but actually help me grow as an artist in my practice and be surrounded by other artists who are supportive and like-minded.” – Cristina, 2022 – 2023 participant

To learn more about the program and enquire about attending, contact [email protected]