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Plaza Outdoor Screen Program

Bunjil Place Outdoor Screen Program

Silica, Pia Borg, digital video, 2017
Silica, Pia Borg, digital video, 2017

Our Outdoor Screen in the Plaza presents a unique, specialised program that celebrates artists, filmmakers, animators, sporting heroes and our community. Hosting a wide variety of amazing screen-based activations from cinema-style events, film festivals, interactive installations, multi-player gaming challenges, sporting championships, not to mention short films, animations and documentaries from local and international filmmakers.   

Our daily content program is incredibly rich and diverse incorporating specially curated packages from film festivals, universities and independent curators. See more information about content from our July – September 2021 program below:  

  • Winter Arts Festival Artist interviews 
  • Monash University - Program One 
  • Monash University - Program Two 
  • Signal Screen Commissions 
  • Signal Summer Stories 
  • Doveton College Short Animations 
  • The Anthropocene 
  • Warhol inspired Screen Tests 
  • UTV Digital Art Programs 
  • UTV Urban Art Forms 
  • UTV Stash Program Partner 
  • UTV Partner Program into the Wild Form 
  • UTV Photo Essays 
  • UTV Artist Showcase 
  • UTV Partner Program Daata 
  • UTV Partner Program Film Together Festival 
  • UTV Partner Program – Time Strange Issues