Special Events & Festivals

Global Flavour Feast 2024


Sat 9 Mar 2024


12.00 pm - 8.00 pm


8 hours


Free entry


Our traditional Global Flavour Feast is back bringing together the City of Casey's most beloved food trucks, serving up a mouth-watering array of our local cultural flavours.

Expect food demonstrations to tantalise the taste buds, live performances that will take you on a trip around the world, and a variety of mouth-watering pantry essentials on offer from our market stallholders.

Relax with friends and family, dance to live tunes, or join in on the many activities and workshops. A full day of culture and cuisine, this will be a foodie’s affair. 

Full program to be announced over the coming weeks. 


Brazilian Dance Performance, 12.30 pm 
Experience the vibrant rhythms and sensual movements of Brazilian cha cha, rumba, and salsa in a mesmerizing dance performance that captures the essence of Latin passion and energy. Immerse yourself in the sultry beats and infectious joy of Brazil's rich dance heritage with this dynamic showcase of rhythm and flair. 

Brazilian Dancers


Tiya Dance Troupe

2.00 pm  
Experience the evocative beauty and precision of traditional Sri Lankan dance forms, where every gesture and expression embodies the spirit of the island, transporting you to a realm of timeless elegance and profound storytelling.

2.45 pm

Experience the dynamic fusion of traditional Indian dance styles with contemporary flair, as performers dazzle with their grace, precision, and undeniable charisma, in a spectacle that celebrates the joy, romance, and drama of Bollywood. 

Tiya Dance Troupe


Wadaiko Rindo, 5:30 pm

Wadaiko Rindo is a Japanese drumming team, based in Melbourne, was established in 1996. Wadaiko Rindo is renowned for their energetic and dynamic drumming performances. Their performances are spectacular visual displays of stamina, strength and humour, with the vibrations produced on stage energising the whole audience. Over the last 30 years, Wadaiko Rindo have not only entertained Australian audiences, but they have also represented their unique blend of Australian and Japanese drumming further afield to countries like Fiji, Tonga, Singapore, China, Japan and New Caledonia. Along with hundreds of local and interstate festival appearances, corporate events and public performances, Wadaiko Rindo have been supporting the Richmond Football Club at every home game over the last seven seasons. They passionately share their love of Japanese drumming and hope that you, too, will be touched by the energy of these traditional instruments. 

Wadaiko Rindo


One Spirit Africa, 7.00 pm

Fred Nii Addo, a master dancer, drummer, multi-instrumentalist (vocals, drums, flute, percussion), and choreographer from Ghana, leads One Spirit Africa, based in Victoria. With over 27 years of experience in international performance and teaching, Fred has toured extensively, showcasing his talents in 22 states of America, Sweden, Israel, New Zealand, and various African countries.  

"One Spirit" originates from the GA tribe in Ghana and is translated from the word "Mumo Kome" in a traditional African language. It encapsulates the essence of recollecting and consolidating the historical journey of ancestral roots, culture, and spiritual energies. Through the vibrant sounds of African traditional instruments, fused with western strings and keys, One Spirit Africa brings this journey to life in live music performances. 

One Spirit Africa



Shibori Melbourne
Shibori Melbourne
Chilli Punk
Chilli Punk
Delicia del Sur
Delicia del Sur


Saturday 9 March 2024

12.00 pm - 8.00 pm


Free entry. Food, beverage and stall items at vendor prices.