Light - A 2022 Sangam Commission
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Light - A 2022 Sangam Commission


Sun 30 Oct 2022


4.00 pm


1 hour 30 mins



Sangam, in partnership with the City of Casey and City of Greater Dandenong present Light, a showcase of live and on screen commissions by early to mid-career South Asian performing artists. The evening is a celebration of art making by local passionate creatives.

Diwali is the Festival of Light and the performances are community-centric, personal and/or political stories that respond to this theme.  The evening includes

Jyothi -  by flautist Subramanya Sastry, a project capturing light as the divine pure element which can be a symbolism of creation, maintenance, and destruction of the material world. Jyothi enlightens us through a path of spiritual awakening or can be 'agni' (fire) within us which provides us the energy to face life in all its glory.

Kavidaiyum Gaanamum - a live Carnatic music and spoken word presentation by Kanchana Selvaratnam and Narthana Kanagasabai. This production aims to shed light on the deeper philosophical meanings of existing Carnatic literature, reach out tin order to connect with new audiences and touch upon the sensitivities and struggles community artists go through in practicing and propagating their cultural art forms in lands far away from their own

Red, Green And Everything In Between - a short film, written and director by Sol Fernandez, that encompasses storytelling and discovery through the lens of ancestral connection, curiosity and family traditions. With a multi-generational and multi-cultural cast and crew, the film explores non-western family dynamics and discovery of a wider/collective identity. Encouraging conversation about life, culture, tradition and ancestry, the film is a celebration of the lives of our loved ones.

SAVAG - a group of 4 artists, Venkatesh Shankar, Ananya Sundar, Ganesha Ragavan and Shruthi Mangalaganesh, who play the flute, percussion and violin, exploring culture and self through music. As second generation South Asian/Australian artists, SAVAG will express a blend of both cultures and will be documenting their journey to find empowerment through the expression of dual identities, a work on screen.

The Light Within -  by Sudar (Ahalika Wickneswaran), a live performance that questions the authenticity of our actions in deciding the path that one must take to bring light within one’s soul and hence be a lantern to others. This production will explore the concept of light from two viewpoints: inner self, and society as a whole.

Complimentary chai and samosa will be served at interval. Produced by Insite Arts and Bunjil Place.


4.00 pm, Sunday 30 October 2022


All tickets $10.00. Ticket includes a complimentary chai and samosa served at interval.

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