Lost Dogs' Disco by ENESS at Bunjil Place



Sat 24 Jun 2023 - Sun 16 Jul 2023


10.00 am - 10.00 pm (daily)


Free and family friendly.

Calling all dog lovers! This winter a pack of dogs are moving into the Bunjil Place Plaza to have some fun.

The Lost Dogs’ Disco is a temporary sculpture that celebrates the place of dogs in our lives.

Visitors journey through an immersive installation of 16 dogs, some up to 5.5m tall: all in various states of repose – curled-up, standing, even touching noses. There are four distinct characters, inspired by three dog breeds: Poodles, Bull Terriers and Dachshunds.

As visitors journey through the happy pack, the dogs’ coats light up and they greet passersby with happy grunts to celebrate each new person’s arrival; for the Lost Dogs’ Disco is a hallowed place for dogs and every newcomer to the disco is greeted as a fellow disco dog.

The installation features a custom sound design of electronic music that captures the beauty and pathos of a dog’s life including a chorus of barks, growls, howls and all kinds of doggie hullabaloo.

Artwork: Lost Dogs’ Disco by ENESS
Header image: Diana Snape Photography

About the artwork

Sometimes in the dead of night, when houses rattle and hum with the snoring dark and a dog is no longer a puppy but not quite a dog, they will hear the call of ancestors and embark upon a secret journey to the Lost Dogs’ Disco – a place of learning, revelry, insight and discovery where dogs are gifted their deep human insight – the gentleness that understands and heals all human hearts.

It’s the place where they learn to love doggedly, dance biggedly and be free to their hearts’ content. The only time that dogs go back to the Lost Dogs’ Disco is when they lose their way: when shut out of warm houses, when the snacks forever run dry, when their owners suddenly disappear. It’s then that they return to the Lost Dogs’ Disco. Here, their understanding for all lost souls deepens in their little doggy hearts and they know that everyone feels lost at times. When you are a lost dog, our dogs say come to the disco where dance, togetherness and being true, get you through. If you feel like a lost dog, just go disco! 

Calling all dog lovers to the Lost Dogs' Disco!



10.00 am - 10.00 pm (daily),

Saturday 24 June - Sunday 16 July 2023

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