We had such a blast at our 1st Birthday Celebration on Sunday 28 October 2018. A big shout-out to everyone who came down to join in the fun (yep, that’s all 4,500 of our new besties).


The sun was shining, the entertainment was free, and the food trucks were next-level. Now that’s what we call a partaaaaayy! As a bonus, we also got to see how quickly 1,000 free birthday cupcakes could get snapped up – which, in case you’re wondering, is super-quick.


Between The Listies Make You LOL in the Theatre, plus The Gruffalo, The Monstrosities’ grooving dance moves and the chip-stealing Seagulls roving around the Plaza, there were a lotta laughs all round. Add to that the death-defying acrobatics in By A Thread (performed in the Studio by One Fell Swoop Circus) and cool tunes performed live in the Plaza (by local artists Bo’ness, Chasing Ray, Round About Amy, Dhee Wickramasinghe, Nathan Varga and Tage Hosking-Gregory), plus a bunch of fun free activities for the kids, and we’re just gonna go have a cheeky lie-down on the bean bags for a little bit...


Huge thanks to everyone who came and shared the birthday love on Sunday. We’ve had an awesome time over the last year bringing the best of arts and entertainment to all our mates in the south-east. We’re totes excited for all the amazing stuff that’s in store for the next year, so let’s do it all again soon!  xoxo