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'Art After Dark' is a new initiative for the Bunjil Place Outdoor Screen program.

Header image: Realness, Wesley Dowling, web-based interactive work (2021), photo credit Mike PG illusion


From 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm each evening, the Bunjil Place Outdoor Screen will exhibit captivating linear or interactive video art works by a renowned artist, collective or studio. The work is exhibited on loop throughout the month, as if in the gallery space, but on our Outdoor Screen. 


The notion of the moving image as an art form rather than mere entertainment developed in the 1920s. Whilst filmmaking was becoming increasingly ambitious in Europe and America, filmmakers were considered entertainers rather than artists. Meanwhile in Paris, artists such as Man Ray, Fernand Léger, and Marcel Duchamp had begun experimenting with film as form producing Avant-guard sequences.  In Germany and the Soviet Union, artists were exploring techniques like collaging, fracturing and montaging scenes to form dream-like visions. With the development of the video camera in the 1960s, video art emerged as an accessible art form that became widely recognised by galleries and museums. Nam Jun Paik was considered the pioneer of video art who throughout his illustrious career continued to push the boundaries of the medium through technological advances.  It wasn’t until the 1990s however, that artists were able to harness computer technology to create interactive art, where the audience is able to participate in the art work itself. Throughout the last two decades technological advances such as data collection, motion capture, face recognition and touch screen have enabled artists to push the boundaries of interactivity as an art form. 


Stop by the Bunjil Place Plaza area and see what Art After Dark has in store each month as we bring the gallery experience outdoors!  


See what we have coming up for our Art After Dark series this Winter:  

  • Realness, Wesley Dowling, web-based interactive work (2021), 21 April – 23 May  
  • Berceuse, Christian Thompson AO, single channel video, (2017), 24 May – 24 June  
  • Moon Dust, KASA Digital, Augmented Reality interactive work (2021) , 25 June – 22 July  
  • her skin is a mountain, Untitled and Untitled Project, single channel video works (2018) Atong Atem, 31 July – 29 August 


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