Okay we already knew that you guys adored us but now we're getting love notes from all over the world. It's starting to get a little embarrassing.

Fresh off our Architecture of the Year award in 2017 (and Gold Prizes in multiple categories but who's counting) Bunjil Place continues to soar in popularity with building communities across the world.

First came the William Wardell Award for Public Architecture at the 2018 Australian Institute of Architects (Victorian Chapter) Awards. A nice entrée to our gut busting assault on international design awards.

Next we journeyed to the 2018 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards and the 2018 Global Architecture & Design Awards where we scooped up the Best in Victoria and Cultural Category awards respectively.

That was a nice little pat on the back but we knew exactly where our brilliance would go unmatched and that was the 2018 Timber Design Awards. On a night that will forever be remembered in architectural folklore, Bunjil Place went on to win the Australian Timber Design Award as well as Excellence awards in Timber Design (Public or Commercial) and Use of Timber Products (Timber Veneers).

We couldn't be prouder to represent the people of south-east Melbourne and would like to thank all of our friends at Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt) architects and Multiplex construction. None of this would've been possible without you.