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Our Outdoor Screen in the Plaza presents a unique, specialised program that celebrates artists, filmmakers, animators, sporting heroes and our community. Learn more about the content we show directly from the minds of the curators. This week Blake Curtis talks to us about his curated piece titled, Kiddy Characters


Commander Sam
Commander Sam, image courtesy of the Reel Good Film Festival.


Kiddy Characters curated by Blake Curtis, Reel Good Film Festival.
Being a kid is an incredibly magical time. Full of evolution, first experiences and wonder at the world. This selection of short films explores the child’s perspective, both good, bad and everything in between. From fantasy and imagination to the realities of loss and growing pains. 

Journey back with us as we empathise and remember a time in our lives that we have all experience. 
- Blake Curtis, Director of the Reel Good Film Festival 

Commander Sam; Liam Fouracre 
Mestiza; Ramina Montes 
In The Ward; Lewis Mulholland 
To The Sea; Emily Dynes 
Astronaut; Jonny Grace 
Kaya; Lara Kose 

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