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Construction has been moving swiftly over the past few weeks with project builder Multiplex full-steam ahead in anticipation of a late-2017 opening.

The list of elements coming to life is rapidly expanding as the project catapults towards completion. This is getting really, well… real!

Exciting things are happening on site;

  • Work is underway installing the intricate timber grid shell in the precinct foyer; this will be one of the most iconic architectural features of Bunjil Place.
  • The bullnose structural roof that forms the eagle’s tail feather is taking shape and, we think you’ll agree, looking incredible.
  • Passenger lifts are being installed.
  • Services rough in continues on level two.
  • Theatre fit out is in full swing – you can now stand on the stage and imagine the crowd.
  • External elements of the façade continue to be put in place.
  • The theatre and retractable studio seating is being manufactured.
  • Timber veneer is being applied in the foyer and library with all 6,000m2 coming from a single tree!
  • The function centre is forming its smooth curves; timber battens, plasterboard walls, ceilings, services are all either completed or partially installed.
  • Feature staircases in the library and foyer are in place
  • The floor has been installed in the studio so the space is almost complete. The specialised floor has some ‘give’ in it which will make it flexible for all kinds of performances, exhibitions and events. Acoustic walls complete the picture.

As the construction progresses and the design becomes clear, you can start to imagine how Bunjil Place will become this extraordinary creative heart of our community.