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To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, the Bunjil Place Outdoor Screen Program is show-casing female filmmakers.

Spanning from highly skilled hand-drawn figurative animation, to abstract art, to engaging narratives this all-femme four-part series will have you laugh, cry and mesmerised on the Outdoor Screen in the Bunjil Place Plaza! The programs will run on Friday 5th and Monday 8th March 2021.


Kaya by Lara Rose, image courtesy of Reel Good Film Festival
Kaya by Lara Rose, image courtesy of Reel Good Film Festival


Program One 

Curated by Zak Hepburn, the Astor Theatre 

  • Bear In Mind, Tiffany Yue 
  • Behind Barres, Sophia Bender 
  • Shakespeare in Tokyo, Genevieve Clay-Smith 
  • This is Yarra, Lydia Rui Huang 
  • Sweet Dreaming, Katie Escane 
  • Good Grief, Fiona Dalwood 


Program Two 

Curated by the Reel Good Film Festival 

  • Mestiza, Ramina Montes 
  • To The Sea, Emily Dynes 
  • Kaya, Lara Kose 
  • Now Departing Platform 1, Lucy Edwards, Eamon Willis, Tess Macallan 
  • This Perfect Day, Lydia Rui 


Program Three 

Curated by Prototype and Sabina Maselli 

  • Mountain, Pilar Matar Dupont 
  • The Rapids, Tina Havelock Stevens 
  • Come Together, Right Now, Tina Havelock Stevens 
  • Scenes for Solace, Leyla Stevens 
  • Tekarekare, Talia Smith 
  • Intimacy is Hair in the Drain, Hanna Chetwin 
  • Three Attempts to Contact Maya, Sabina Maselli 
  • Galaxies a Love Note, Melody Woodnutt 


Program Four 

Curated by Uyen Nguyen and Matthew riley, MAGI – RMIT University 

  • Higher Self, Ana Quintero 
  • Staring at the Middle, Jing Liu 
  • Untitled, Helen Kwok  
  • Soap Joy, Katie Turnbull 
  • Diorama: 1.Up High, 2.Detatched, 3. Observer, Ika Jumali 
  • Rituals: Cafe, Kitchen, Studio, Ika Jumali 
  • Space, Jingyi Lin 
  • Situations, Jingyi Lin 
  • Friends, Uyen Nguyen 
  • Pet Plant, Yeunji Kim 
  • Cafe Figures MoBlur, Gina Moore 
  • Shelves, Gina Moore 
  • Books, Gina Moore 
  • Plants, Gina Moore 
  • Tennis Shoes, Gina Moore 
  • Dream, Joyce Huang 
  • Lost, Joyce Huang 
  • The Competition of Big, Vita Nie 
  • The Winter, Xin Li 
  • Two Little People, Xin Li 


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