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We asked the artists - and creative types - that have performed at Bunjil Place to create a Spotify playlist that inspires their work - past, present and future. Have a listen and you could find some new jams to rock you out of lockdown.

This week's Inspiration Playlist comes from Australian dance music producer, JAMO.


What is your main art form and style?

I’m an Electronic Dance Music producer.

How does music influence your creative making process?

Music is everything, without inspiration from other Musicians or Producers I wouldn’t be able to hear a quality standard.

What is your connection to Bunjil Place and/or Melbourne’s south-east?

Summer Sounds 2020! I was given the opportunity to close out the stage at Bunjil Place earlier this year. Was great to be apart of it.

Why did you choose the songs on your playlist?

As diverse as they are, each song in the playlist holds a very special place in my heart. I wanted to give a overall insight to my listening habits.

Which underrated artist would you recommend to people and why?

Pretty Girl’ She’s an upcoming house music producer from Melbourne with an amazing ear for melody and class.

What was the best show you ever saw or played in?

Spilt Milk 2019 was probably the most fun I’ve ever had performing at a gig, we played right before BENEE and TONES & I, a experience I’ll never forget!

Is there an emerging musician in the list, that we should all keep our eye on?  

‘GTGB’ for sure, some really good music about to come out under them!

Where can we follow you?

Facebook and Spotify