The Digital Wall in the Bunjil Place foyer is a digital gallery space that exhibits video art and generative works. Over the next three months we are thrilled to exhibit a new work from celebrated digital artist and VJ Carla Zimbler. 

Matter by Carla Zimbler 1
Carla Zimbler, Matter, (2023), image courtesy of the artist



Carla Zimbler, digital video, 2023 
matter derives from the concept of floriography - the secret language of flowers, specifically, symbolic interpretations of the lily. Evocative of femininity, fertility, love and grief, the lily carries deep emotional weight and poignancy - reflecting both happiness and sadness, death and rebirth. It symbolises the purity of new beginnings, the fragility of our existence and poetically, the freedom of a soul detached from a body. When words often fail, flowers can speak of our emotions for us. Whether it be declarations of passion, desire, joy or hopefulness, they act as messengers of heartfelt sentiments. As both organic and emotional matter, the floating florals hold space for feeling and thoughts unspoken. They honour the presence of those close and those departed; including my sister Lianne, who left our earth this time last year. matter is an expression of love for her. Sound design by Aphir. 

Carla Zimbler 

Carla Zimbler bends light across architecture and soaks sculptural forms in vivid textures as a live performative experience. Her installations explore fluidity to shift perspective and redefine spatial, spiritual and emotional boundaries, acting as both conduit and gateway to the otherworldly. Carla invites audiences to examine ephemera and intricate micro/macro details of our biosphere. Utilising experimental film, photogrammetry and generative 3D software to explore phenomena, bodies are drawn into immersive spaces where sound-responsive visuals expand, burst and dissolve. The intimate, experiential world-building elements of her practice ebb and flow between the familiar and uncanny, navigating digitally modified ecosystems in a lucid dream-like state. Carla’s visual work has been featured at Sydney Opera House, National Gallery of Australia, Arts House, VIVID, ACMI, Reykjavík Winter Lights Festival, Distortion Ø and Phoenix Central Park. 

Instagram: @carlazimbler

Aphir (Becki Whitton) 

Becki Whitton is an engineer, songwriter and producer working out of Melbourne’s Rolling Stock Recording Rooms. Her approach in the studio balances focus and ease, and centres on a thirst to find the most powerful expression of a song’s emotional core. Her workflow translates across a range of genres from pop and hip hop (Allday, Memphis LK) to ambient and experimental music (Brambles, Rainbow Chan). 
Becki has received ARIA and AWMA nominations for her sound work, and has managed sound for Girls Rock! Camp ACT since the first Australian camp was launched in 2016. As Aphir, Becki has been hailed as part of ‘Australia’s new wave of female electronic innovators’ and has performed around Australia and internationally including performances at Music Tech Fest (Berlin), Denmark Arts (WA), and Falls Festival.  


Digital Wall, Bunjil Place Foyer 

September - November 2023 

Carla Zimbler, Matter, (2023), image courtesy of the artist
Carla Zimbler, Matter, (2023), image courtesy of the artist
Carla Zimbler, Matter (2), (2023), image courtesy of the artist
Carla Zimbler, Matter, (2023), image courtesy of the artist