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Ambient, curated by Paul Fletcher, Artists and Senior Lecturer in Animation at Melbourne University is a sixty-minute program of fifteen, short, wordless films

Paul Flecther is a filmmaker, musician, producer and artist. His many animated and experimental films have been screened locally and internationally, including TecnoBunny (1995), and Pop Psychology (2014) at Ars Electronica. His animation Drive To Work won best Site Specific Installation at Zagreb MSU Animafest 2017. Paul is currently a Lecturer in Animation, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, VCA School of Film & Television, University of Melbourne.  


Dream Adventures Bubble Guy
Dream Adventures Bubble Guy, image courtesy of Paul Fletcher and Annie Murray



curated by Paul Fletcher, Artists and Senior Lecturer in Animation at Melbourne University  

This sixty-minute program of fifteen short wordless films travels through ambient landscapes and atmospheres, moods and mysteries. All have some connection in both human nature and nature generally. The films all attempt to create experiences of and reflections on the fleeting, colliding and paradoxical nature of emotions.  

Each film in its own way also gives the viewer and listener pause to reflect on our wider place in nature - our place in the world of living things, plants, animals, microscopic and universe scales of interacting living systems. Forest Bokeh responds to the parks and city environment of central Singapore. Nothingness responds to experiences of the vastness of Antarctica. The Dream adventures of Bubble Guy brings us back to our own individual and global bubbles of existence.  

- Paul Fletcher, Artists and Senior Lecturer in Animation at Melbourne University 

  • And the rain began to fall, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher 
  • Buddleia, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher  
  • Mystery Heart, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher   
  • City Pulse, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher 
  • Nothingness, Animation: Lisa Roberts, Music: Paul Fletcher 
  • The Drive to work, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher 
  • Mobile Dimensions, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher 
  • Dots and Lines, Paul Fletcher, Music: Anthony Lyons 
  • Transparent Mushroom Dances in the Rain, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher  
  • Forest Bokeh, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher 
  • Random Thoughts, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher  
  • Expanding Petals, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher 
  • Underwater Disco, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher  
  • The Dream Adventures of Bubble Guy. Annie Murray and Paul Fletcher 
  • River Connections, Animation and Music: Paul Fletcher  

Header image: Expanind Petals, image courtesy of Paul Fletcher 

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