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Sabina Maselli is an artist-filmmaker who makes visual works that materialise as films, installations and live performances. Grounded in the language and techniques of cinema, Sabina uses both analogue and digital processing, through a very physical engagement with her materials. Sabina has curated this program Film Is Ritual as reflection on her own artistic practice
three attempts to contact Maya by Sabina Maselli
'three attempts to contact Maya,; Sabina Maselli
Film Is Ritual: hand processed films from Australia. no2. 

Curated by artist/filmmaker Sabina Maselli 

A 16mm film program that samples a small selection of shorts from Australian filmmakers working in the experimental form, and using hand processed techniques. Film is ritual suggests the very hands on approach to making films (layering, masking, repetition) seeps into the films itself, leaving a personal and physical mark on each of them. An alchemical solution- a merging of chemicals and spirit.  

All the filmmakers are also members of the Melbourne based film lab Artist Film Workshop

 - Sabina Maselli 

  • Last train, Dianna Barrie 
  • Intimacy is hair in the drain, Hanna Chetwin 
  • three attempts to contact Maya, Sabina Maselli 
  • Fade, Callum Ross-Thompson 
  • Galaxies a love note, Melody Woodnutt 

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