In the last week of the Outdoor Screen January – March program we hear from the artist collective Prototype about their curated screen package titled ‘Homecoming Stories’.

Header Image: Scenes for Solace, Leyla Steven; courtesy of Prototype. 

Homecoming Stories  

Curated and produced by Prototype  


Who are we? Where is home? And once we’ve left, how do we find our way back? Six contemporary video artists strengthen their connections to heritage in place-making works of family history and personal storytelling. Decades after their families move across oceans, artists search for grace, resist displacement and reconcile trauma from their uncertain vantage points in the diaspora. Intimate stories bloom from macro migration flows; geography shifts; ellipses and holes in history open up. Documentary forms meld with moving images. And home is affirmed in colonised communities.  




  • Phone Booth Project Predux, Curtis Taylor and Lily Hibberd

  • Qiuzhuang, Katie Mitchell & Sari Braithwaite  

  • Nissen Huts, James Nguyen  

  • Riverbend 2.0, Robert Nugent 

  • Scenes for Solace, Leyla Stevens