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Swinburne University joins forces with the Victorian Multicultural Commission to present films made by Victorian filmmakers from diverse cultural backgrounds in an annual film festival.


This is Suia
'This is Siua,' Simon McWilliam and Bridget Webster

Header Image: Frizz, Ivy Mutuku 

Multicultural Film Festival Roadshow 

The films in this program, the first of three, are outcomes from an ongoing collaboration between Swinburne University and the Victorian Multicultural Commission. The collaboration explores the changing socio-political circumstances which threaten to undermine multiculturalism and social cohesion through the “lens” of young people.
By identifying young people’s views of multiculturalism and effective ways of engaging them around multicultural themes, the films suggest new strategies for social cohesion and inclusion. 
The films and the research associated with them will provide the community with insights into the evolving attitudes. 

- Vincent Giarrusso I, PhD Lecturer - Department of Film and Animation 


  • For the Love of Food, Alinta Burton 
  • Down the Line, Alex Nesic 
  • Frizz, Ivy Mutuku 
  • Grocery, Bridget Webster and Simon McWilliam 
  • Miriam’s Garden, Baris Ulusoy, Orson Dijle and Tiffanie Liew 
  • This is Siua, Simon McWilliam and Bridget Webster 
  • One Two, Rachel Chen 
  • From Earth, Orson Dijle, Dniel Tritt, Kubra Sener and Yasmin Lamb  
  • Gay Asian Proud, Sam McGowan and Heshi Wijerathna