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To celebrate the landing of the Museum of the Moon at Bunjil Place we have put together a collection of films that transcend space, time and your intergalactic imagination!

HEADER IMAGE: Interstellar, Visualdon (2021) 


'Moonrise,' Rowena Potts (2021)


The Orbital Outdoor Screen program presents the very first silent film to ever use special effects, sci-fi first person encounters from robots and the Moon itself, abstract and highly visceral 3D animation, inner-child space imagination, as well as an interview with an actual astronaut! Buckle up and put on your space helmet as you are launched into this galactistical film program! 

  • A Trip to The Moon, Georges Méliès (1902) 
  • To The Moon, Visualdon, (2021) 
  • Moonrise, Rowena Potts (2021) 
  • Ask an Astronaut, Federation Square (2020) 
  • Born in a Void, Alex Grigg (2016) 
  • Commander Sam, Liam Fouracre, Jordan Montgomery (2018) 
  • Robbie, Neil Harvey (2012) 
  • Interstellar, Visualdon (2021)