The Reel Good Film festival kicks off this weekend! Their short films have been a strong screen presence on the Outdoor Screen program. Festival Director Blake Curtis gives a run down of this unique program.


Pinchpot, Greg Holfeld, image courtesy of the Reel Good Film Festival.
'Pinchpot,' Greg Holfeld, image courtesy of the Reel Good Film Festival.


Header image: Water, Layla Deborah Brown, Photo by Eric Murray Lui - Belinda Mravicic image courtesy of the Reel Good Film Festival. 

Out of This World 

curated by Blake Curtis, Reel Good Film Festival  

Come on a journey through time and space and out of this world! Each of these films will take you somewhere new and unexpected, to other worlds, the future or brand-new perspectives. 
These film makers have truly let their imagination run wild in dreaming up these creative treats to share with you. So sit back, strap in and enjoy the ride.  

Check out some more films from great Melbourne based filmmakers this Saturday at the Reel Good Film Festival! 

- Blake Curtis, Director of the Reel Good Film Festival 

  • Lost Property Office; 8th in Line 
  • Pinch Pot; Greg Holfeld 
  • The Laundromat; Lokk And Weave 
  • A Morning Ritual; Jack Peddy 
  • Lost and Found; Bradley Slabe 
  • Water; Mravicic Films Pty Ltd 
  • There's A Mobster Under My Bed!; Balloon Tree Productions 

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