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Artist, filmmaker and musician Paul Fletcher has put together a stunning program of visceral visual content that will amaze and mesmerise you.

Header Image: A Deep Dive, Hugh Mitchell, (2019)

C-5-11, Edward Morin, (2016)
'C-5-11,' Edward Morin, (2016)
States of Mind and Matter 

A key feature of all ecosystems is the interdependence, connections and vitality that comes from a diversity of elements and forms. This compilation aims for something of this same strength from a wide variety of forms, styles and approaches to animation, dance and audio-visual forms. All of these films have their own distinctive angle on personal, local and or global perspectives of environments and climates of mind, matter, observation and imagination.

- Paul Fletcher, Curator, Artist, Filmmaker and Musician 

This program includes the following films:

  • Killer Cuisine, Robert Stephenson, (2020) 
  • Love is Everything, Nassy Kova, (2016) 
  • The Sky Between Us, Nassy Kova, (2016) 
  • Penguin is a real bird, Nassy Kova, (2017) 
  • A Deep Dive, Hugh Mitchell, (2019) 
  • Ex 01, Takuya Suzuki, (2014) 
  • C-5-11, Edward Morin, (2016) 
  • An unfolding breath, Edward Morin, (2017) 
  • A Tangled Tale, Corrie Francis Parks, (2013) 
  • Nightlife, Robert Stephenson, (2014) 
  • Ocean Dance, Lisa Roberts, (2020) 
  • Antartic Energies, Lisa Roberts, (2018) 
  • Lignum Vitae, Giovanna Yate Gonzalez / Paul Fletcher, (2021) 
  • Moonflower, Paul Fletcher, (2021) 
  • World of Disrepair, A. Murray/P.Fletcher/A.Lyons, (2021)