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Film can make you laugh, cry, feel frightened, anger or complete joy! This carefully curated package from the Reel Good Film Festival will do just that.

Header Image: Maalu, Neighbourhood, (2015) 

The Likes of You
'The Likes of You,' Tobias Willis and Rhys Mitchell (2019)
Tragedy and Comedy 

Comedy and tragedy are complementary forms, dating back all the way to Aristotle. We all know the image of the smiling and crying mask! These films deal with those two sides of a coin as they explore what it means to be human. 

- Blake Curtis, Director of the Reel Good Film Festival  


The films that feature in this program are:

  • Draft Day, Truth Bulge Films, (2014) 
  • Maalu, Neighbourhood, (2015) 
  • Mary in the Locker Room, Jamieson Pearce, (2014) 
  • Lily, Kasimir Burgess, (2012) 
  • Going Down; Good Rub Films (2014) 
  • The Likes of You, Tobias Willis and Rhys Mitchell (2019) 


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