The Reel Good Film Festival has been a phenomenal presenting partner of the Bunjil Place Outdoor Screen program. Check out their latest contribution ‘When the Going Gets Tough.'

Header image: This Perfect Day (2018), Rui Films, image courtesy of the Reel Good Film Festival. 


   Jackrabbit (2018), Alex Feggans, image courtesy of the Reel Good Film Festival.
'Jackrabbit' (2018), Alex Feggans, image courtesy of the Reel Good Film Festival.


When the Going Gets Tough

Curated by Blake Curtis, Reel Good Film Festival  


As we’ve all been aware lately, sometimes life can be tough! 

These films remind us in those tough times it’s important to dig deep and fight for what we believe in. Whether that’s for the environment, confronting someone from your past, saying goodbye to a job you love or simply wrestling someone for fuel. 

We don’t always have to be the clown, sometimes it’s ok to feel down. That’s when it’s good to go for a long drive and make friends with a horse. 

When times are tough. Just remember there’s always hope… and movies! 

- Blake Curtis, Director of the Reel Good Film Festival 


  • Sock and Buskin, 18 Degrees film Pty Ltd 
  • Perisher, Gabriel Hutchings 
  • SYMMETRY, Robert Plaza 
  • Now Departing Platform 1, Lucy Edwards, Eamon Willis, Tess Macallan 
  • This Perfect Day, Rui Films  
  • Jackrabbit, Alex Feggans