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Outdoor Screen Program: Film is Ritual

Sabina Maselli is an artist-filmmaker who makes visual works that materialise as films, installations and live performances. Grounded in the language and techniques of cinema, Sabina uses both analogue and digital processing, through a very physical engagement with her materials. Sabina has curated this program Film Is Ritual as reflection on her own artistic practice

Outdoor Screen Program: Animation, Abstraction, Adventure 

Our Outdoor Screen in the Plaza presents a unique, specialised program that celebrates artists, filmmakers, animators, sporting heroes and our community. Learn more about the content we show directly from the minds of the curators. This week we hear from Zachary Hepburn about his curated piece titled, Animation, Abstraction, Adventure.

FEM-aFFINITY Artist Interview: Julia Svaganovic

Meet Julia Svaganovic, a local creative producer who created the ‘I am an Artist’ series profiling local artists. Julia is also a geek girl, TV addict, and powerchair sports athlete. She co-founded and runs the @WeAreDisabled Twitter project, and is currently the vice president of Powerchair Sports Victoria and Social Media Officer at getaboutable.com.

Summer Sounds Streaming LIVE!

What's the next best thing to experiencing Summer Sounds live in the Plaza? Live-streaming all the awesome tunes directly to your living room of course!

A Taste of Shorts

A Taste of Shorts program is shown on the Outdoor Screen throughout the month of February as part of the MIFF Summer Residency.

It's a Global Flavour Feast in the Plaza

Hit the Plaza every Friday night in March for live music, cultural performances and delicious nom noms inspired from all around the globe, including India, Africa, Asia and Europe. That's Friday night dinner sorted!