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13 Most Beautiful: Screen Tests at Bunjil Place  by Dr Wendy Haslem 

On Sunday 21st February Bunjil Place will be presenting The 13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests as part of the PHOTO 2021 Festival program.  Senior Lecture in Screen Studies at Melbourne University Dr. Wendy Haslem has further explored the deep significance of Warhol’s films in the history of media and pop art.  

Outdoor Screen Program: Cities, Places, People

Our Outdoor Screen in the Plaza presents a unique, specialised program that celebrates artists, filmmakers, animators, sporting heroes and our community. Learn more about the content we show directly from the minds of the curators. This week Zachary Hepburn talks to us about his curated piece titled, Cities, Places, People.

Behind the scenes with Petit Circus

From naming shows to performing weird tricks, we have all the interesting a hilarious details of what it's really like to perform in a circus!

Rainbow Bird Playground: The Artists

Created by artist game makers Helen Kwok and Chad Toprak, Rainbow Bird Playground offers delightful puzzles, challenges, and activities for children, families, and adults alike.

Digital Yoga Classes

2021 is all about wellness! Get the family together and join resident yoga expert, Michelle, for a digital yoga class in the comfort of your own home.

MIFF Residency: Family Shorts

From Ethiopia to Colombia, and weaving through the lands of this very continent, experience tales about ancient stones, connection to country, and the mesmerising tricks of hula hooping teens