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The awards keep rollin' in!

Okay we already knew that you guys adored us but now we're getting love notes from all over the world. It's starting to get a little embarrassing.

1st birthday bash… done and dusted!

We had such a blast at our 1st Birthday Celebration on Sunday 28 October 2018. A big shout-out to everyone who came down to join in the fun (yep, that’s all 4,500 of our new besties).

Shiver me timbers that was fun!

Arrrr! Ship Ship Hooray has sailed into the sunset but we had the best time smashing swords with Casey's little buckaroos.

Cheeky Tiki Fun

This time last week we were lifting the lid on Winters hottest party. What a night we had. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the festivities!

Seriously?!?! Tell us more…

Nothing is important to us than you, our loyal Bunjil Place fans that always keep it 100. We want to know how you guys are discovering and using Bunjil Place soooo - drum roll please - we created a cool, whiz bang survey.

Don't just stand there...Busk A Move!

Busk A Move - the first ever Busking Festival at Bunjil Place - is coming to the Plaza this October and we're looking for the hottest local talent to come down and show us some busking brilliance.