Plaza Big Screen Schedule

Plaza Big Screen Schedule

Big Screen Program

The Bunjil Place BIG Screen is the jewel in the crown of our Plaza area. Showing everything from family movies to international sporting events it is a magnet for community activity and breaths a different type of life into our beautiful building.

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Environmental Awareness Program
This program has been curated with a focus of the beauty in our planet, bringing both artistic and social awareness of conservation to our screens. Contemporary aesthetics are utilised to inspire audiences and captivate their eyes and invoke new sensations about the environment in this rapid and metropolitan world.

Premium Winter Sports Program
Mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding and so much more. This program showcases the wonders and full scope of human athleticism, even in the coldest climates. Enjoy views from the mountain peaks and witness stunts performed by some of the world’s greatest athletes.

Brought to you by Videospread, "Seaside" is an experimental 16mm found footage genre film. People are playing and having fun at the beach. Removing the photographic emulsion from people's silhouettes erases identity and what the film was made for: fixing people's image throughout time and memory.

MINA Screenings
MINA is the longest running film festival internationally dedicated to mobile & smartphone film-making. It focuses on moving-image arts, documentary, community engaged film productions, experimental films and emerging film production forms and formats, such as MoJo, drone videos, AR and Mobile Cinematic VR. Showing on the Big Screen through winter.

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