That's not a Daffodil

That's not a Daffodil


11.30 am and
1.00 pm (Relaxed Performance)


45 minutes


Bunjil Place Studio

Tom is wary of Mr Yilmaz at first, but friendship, trust and playfulness blossom as they grow a daffodil together and enter each other’s lives.

Turkish-Australian director Görkem Acaroglu leads an outstanding team of author/illustrator/lyricist Elizabeth Honey, composer/musical director Sue Johnson, actors Kayla Hamill and Celal Perk, designer Katherine Branch, and lighting designer Shane Grant.

Presented by Bunjil Place and Jump Lead Productions.

Relaxed Performance - 1.00 pm Thursday 29 March

A Relaxed Performance is for anyone who will benefit from a ‘relaxed’ theatre environment. It is the same show but there will be some small changes. These changes are made in order to eliminate surprise and reduce anxiety levels. Sound and lighting cues will be modified to be less startling. Visitors are welcome to leave the auditorium to take a break. In a Relaxed Performance there is an easy-going attitude to noise and movement. The doors will remain open and the lights are dimmed staying on throughout the show. A Visual Story will be available via email prior to the performance to help you prepare for your visit.


All tickets $12.00

Children under the age of two do not require a ticket if they are seated on the lap of their carer.

Please note: Service fees may apply to tickets sent via email ($1.95) and mail ($4.00).