What's on

Hoops of Fun For Kids

Let the kiddies get their wiggle on with free afternoon hula hoop sessions in the Plaza. They can get moving with cool hula tricks while you kick back with a latte from the cafe. It's win-win!

Littlefoot & Company’s Spoken Word Night

Every month our mates at Littlefoot & Company join us in the Studio for an epic night of Spoken Word. Enjoy a creative space to connect, have fun, learn and grow.

Naghma: Live In Concert

Come see the real diva of Afghan music as she brings her live Australian tour to the big stage!

Hula Hooping Fitness

We're flippin' fitness on its head with a class of cardio, dance and movement using Hula Hoops for grown-ups. So much fun you won't believe it counts as exercise. Last session this Sunday