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Robot Song

How do you support, foster and celebrate the differences in your children in an increasingly rigid world?

The Listies Return for more

Expect to see gratuitous, ridiculous, hilarious, and possibly hazardous, Melbourne's maestros of kids’ packed with insane, interactive, and irreverent escapades. Perfect for the whole famz.

Wasantha Warsha

See popular Sri Lankan artists as they come together to share in a special night celebrating Sri Lankan music.

Hitler's Daughter

It's early morning somewhere in the Australian countryside. Four children waiting for the school bus decide to play a game; a simple game of storytelling. As they shelter in the bus stop from a raging storm Anna creates an intriguing story...

Guru of Chai

Beginning as a chai-wallah at an Indian train station, Jacob Rajan weaves a solo tale playing 17 different characters. Guru of Chai is not to be missed!