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Meet Kylie Steinhardt, a local artist behind the wonderful and whimsical cartoons inside FEM-aFFINITY's The Studio at Bunjil Place Gallery.

What’s something about you that people familiar about your work may not know?
People may not know about me is that I studied at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada and backpacked around Canada it’s my favourite country and have lovely memories from my time there.

What does creativity mean to you?
I think anyone can be creative in anything they do. It comes in many forms. I love being creative almost every day. It is an outlet to my emotions and it’s an interest I cannot do without. It draws me away from everyday life and gives me a purpose that’s not stressful. It’s enjoyable and I do it for me. I like to share with others as well to inspire them to create. I love looking at other people’s creativity as well in a variety of forms.

What’s something beautiful you’ve seen/heard in your life?
Something beautiful I have seen in my life would have to be holding my daughter for the first time and looking into her face after trying for seven years to have her. It was the most precious moment in my life. Other beautiful moments have been travel, not all nature but different cities and people and the kindness of strangers I notice and that’s beautiful.

What's something an artist should always have?
One thing an artist should always have is a space to create and inspiration. I get inspired by other artists, my environment and family and friends. I think of new ways of creating art and giving them a go even if they don’t work out or just playing in the studio. I don’t think there is a wrong way to create.

Why should we go see FEM-aFFINITY at Bunjil Place?
I would go to Bunjil Place as it’s a charming building and meeting place. It has a calming sense to it, and I enjoy visiting when I can. I think we are lucky to have this exhibition here and it showcases some amazing art. Of course, it’s great for kids to colour and create in a space dedicated to them as well. The library is worth visiting just for the layout and it is the most impressive library I have seen. I am always at Bunjil Place; it’s a lovely place to visit and we are lucky to have it in our area.

Learn more about Kylie in the I am an Artist video below or check out the whole series on the FEM-aFFINITY exhibition page.