Glow: For Parents of New Babies

Glow is a digital subscription of creative and connective moments for parents and carers of new babies.

From creating a bath-time ritual, to a poetic reflection over a cup of tea or throwing a baby dance party, Glow offers a diverse suite of experiences that hold space for deeper connection. Through sound, touch and performance, Glow will transform the familiar home environment into a place of surprise and delight!


Available as a 3 or 6-month subscription, this on-demand suite of creative and connective ‘moments’ features Miranda Tapsell, Zindzi Okenyo and Teaote Davies. These online moments will be accompanied by a monthly email, and time sensitive phone messages that offer a gentle reminder to pause, breathe and connect with themselves and their baby.

“At times, there is so much pressure to be ‘doing’ that it can make us lose sight of the deep value of ‘being’. Glow intuitively reminded me of the power of being.” - Jessie Holt, Counselling Psychologist

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Developed in partnership with Bunjil Place, City of Casey and ArtPlay, City of Melbourne in 2022.