Outdoor Screen Program: Abstract Esoterica

Artist, animator, sound designer and filmmaker Paul Fletcher shares with us his latest collection of abstract screen works informed by life experiences.

Ancient Coral Forest, Paul Fletcher, digital video, 2021
Ancient Coral Forest, Paul Fletcher (2021)

Abstract Esoterica  

A dozen short audio visual artworks that melt together disparate influences from traditional art, machine learning, digital noise, nature and narrative drama films. Natural phenomena such as clouds and storms, compost and decomposition, natural and neural networks, interactions from the micro world of our braincells to the largest ecosystems of the earth such as our oceans to the structure and composition of narrative film soundtracks and editing; all become reshaped in abstract forms and compositions of interacting sound, music, image and movement. 

"All films and music by Paul Fletcher except Serene Bright Darkness music collab produced with Kris Behrendt" - Paul Fetcher 

  • Ancient Coral Forest, Paul Fletcher (2022)
  • Serene Bright Darkness, Paul Fletcher (2021) Music Paul Fletcher/Kris Behrendt
  • Late Winter Bonfire, Paul Fletcher (2021)
  • Endless Colour Fields, Paul Fletcher (2021)
  • Bespoke, Paul Fletcher 2022
  • Days of Our Microscopic Lives, Paul Fletcher (2022)
  • In the Noise Dome Now,  Paul Fletcher (2021)
  • Icy Sunset Theatre, Paul Fletcher (2022)
  • Turntable Lights, Paul Fletcher (2022)
  • Disparate Fragments make Patterns, Paul Fletcher (2022)
  • Soporific Particle Cloud Watching, Paul Fletcher (2021)
  • Sleep Construction, Paul Fletcher (2022)

Header Image: Fragments That Make Patterns, Paul Fletcher (2021) 

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