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From its inception Doveton College supports animation projects as part of the curriculum. In so doing students have produced a large catalogue of varied and unique short films. 
Particles, Doveton College students
'Particles,' Doveton College students

Header Image: Giba, Doveton College students 

Animation is a fabulous process for students as it covers so many areas of development, story writing, art, maths, problem solving, teamwork, music and Information Communication and Technology. Doveton College students are encouraged to create and explore stories of their choice using art forms of their choosing. Animation techniques the students use include “paper cut,” “Claymation” and “armatures.” The stories are straight from the heart and explore themes our students feel on a personal level such as bullying, fear, loss, frustration, gender identity and many more.  Some are funny, others deeply sad.  Our student films have been shown in around twenty countries across the globe and have won dozens of awards both nationally and internationally. Now they feel privileged to have their films screening in their local community. 

- Gene Geoffrey, teacher at Doveton College 

  • Zues 
  • Giba 
  • The Fisherman and The Samurai 
  • Sina and the Eel 
  • Black Bird 
  • Particles 
  • Hiro’s Unlucky Day 
  • The Cursed Monday 
  • Pirouette 
  • A Dollar Short 
  • Into The Woods 
  • La Luna Triste 
  • Robot 
  • Sponge 
  • The Restless Skeleton 
  • Worm 


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