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SIGNAL is the City of Melbourne’s creative arts studio for young people aged 13 to 25.
SIGNAL’s program is packed full of visual arts, film, sound, new media, music and theatre workshops and opportunities to create and present new work. 


out of this world
'Out of This World, Grace Quiason (2020)'

Header Image: Last Night, Bianca Billy Raffin (2020) 

Each year, SIGNAL commissions artists aged 16 to 25 to create new works for the SIGNAL Screen and Sound Walk. In 2020 commissions were awarded to screen artists Bianca Billy Raffin, Lazar Feldman, Leena Luu, and Grace Quiason; and sound artists Kim Le, Michelle Nguyen, Mara Erin Staller and Rebecca Riggs-Bennett. 

Throughout the 12 week program, young artists received technical and creative support through weekly online development workshops led by sound artist Ryan Granger and video artist Yandell Walton. Each artist also received one-on-one mentoring from established artists and industry professionals. Over the first 6 weeks, the commissioned artists focused on realising their individual proposals, meeting regularly to share their progress with the group. All of the young artists, lead artists, and mentors were incredibly generous with their feedback and support for each work in development, encouraging conceptual and aesthetic exploration. The result in a selection of rich, complex, and varied solo screen and sound works. 

In the second half of the program, each sound artist was matched with a screen artist and they worked together to create a second, audio visual artwork. In just 6 short weeks, they were challenged to develop a brand new collaborative relationship, negotiate a shared creative process, and realise a new work from concept to delivery. 

  • Not Alone, Lazar Feldman (2020) 
  • Solace, Lazar Feldman & Kim Le (2020) 
  • Out of This World, Grace Quiason (2020) 
  • Artificial Impression, Grace Quiason & Michelle Nguyen (2020) 
  • Monetary Motions, Leena Luu (2020) 
  • Fermvisions, Leena Luu & Maria Erin Staller (2020) 
  • Last Night, Bianca Billy Raffin (2020) 
  • The Space That Exists Between Existence, Bianca Billy Raffin & Rebecca Riggs-Bennett (2020) 
  • Untitled, Veronica (2018) 
  • Line Dance, Hugo Rose (2019) 


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