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We recently hosted a Scratch Competition and now we're ready to announce the winners. Check out the creative entries and have a go at playing the games for yourself!

Entries were scored based on coding skill, creativity, playability and 'wow factor'. They were judged independently by Chad Toprak, Director of Freeplay - the world’s largest independent games festival.

Winner age 13-17 - Bunjil Place Cake Quest
Winner - Age 13-17 - Bunjil Place Cake Quest by Zach


Runner Up age 13-17 - Protect Bunjil Place
Runner Up - Age 13-17 - Protect Bunjil Place by Nathan, Dylan, Aaron and Caleb 


Highly Commended - Age 13-17

Highly Commended - Age 13-17 - Guess The Song by Sanuka


Winner - Age 9-12

Winner - Age 9-12 - The Library Introduction and Platforms by Sarvajith

Part 1 and Part 2


Runner Up - Age 9-12 - Choose your own adventure

Runner Up - Age 9-12 - Choose Your Own Adventure: Bunjil Place Edition by Nicholas


Highly Commended Age 9-12 – Bunjil Place Donut Café

Highly Commended - Age 9-12 – Bunjil Place Donut Café by Meg



Winner Age 5-8 - Bunjil Place: Creativity, Entertainment, and Community

Winner Age 5-8 – Bunjil Place: creativity, entertainment and community by Amelia



Highly Commended Age 5-8 - Concert At Bunjil Place

Highly Commended Age 5-8 – Concert at Bunjil Place by TA Thinugi 


Bonus Game!! Staff Pick – Dodge the Fountains!

Bonus Game!! Staff Pick – Dodge the Fountains! by Elijah


Want to learn more? 

You can learn more about Scratch here or by following some of the resources below.

Getting to Know the Basics 

Once you have created an account with Scratch, why not practise using some of the blocks? There are plenty of free online courses, workbooks and videos you can watch online. Here are some of our recommendations: 

Video Tutorials:  

Free Online Scratch Courses: 

Free Online Workshops and Workbooks: 

Game Ideas 

Ok! You now feel comfortable in Scratch but you need a game idea. Why not try some of these? 

Scratch platform 2


Keywords (Glossary) and Action Types: 

Script: A collection of code blocks that controls (programming logic) and influences the sprite. 

Stage: The background area in the Scratch environment (IDE). The section showing the animation. 

Sprite: A 2d image on a transparent background that can be controlled and or moved around the stage. 

Code blocks: A graphical (picture) command used in the creation of a script. 

Look blocks: These are code blocks that effect the sprite and or background appearance and displays text. 

Loop: This is a collection of one or more code blocks that are repeatedly executed. 

Sound blocks: They control the playback and volume of musical notes and Audio files. 

Hat blocks: These are code blocks that create the event-driven scripts. 

IDE: Integrated development environment. This means that you can code and execute within the same environment.  

Costumes: Images that are used to represent a sprite on the stage. This can make the dragon breathe fire or changing the background within a game to show if you have won or lost. There are many uses for this code block. 

Sensing blocks: These are code blocks that can be used to determine the distance from the sprite, whether they are touching another sprite and location of the mouse-pointer. 


Want more coding? 

Loving Scratch and want to do more? Join our Library Code Club!