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Bailey's Art Club

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Say hello to our good friend (and resident mascot) Bailey the Bandicoot. He’s a native in our part of Victoria and loves participating in all the kids and family activities at Bunjil Place.

This is Bailey's Art Club, a place especially for children and families to be creative and share creativity. On the second Wednesday of every month a new creative prompt will be shared for families to explore together at home. Bailey (and the team at Bunjil Place) would love to see what you create, so send us a photo of your work and we will feature it in Bailey's special Art Club Video Wrap-Up!

Spooky Houses for Halloween!

Trick or treat yo' self to this creative prompt! Houses and living spaces play an important role in spooky movies. When making a film, directors like Alfred Hitchcock (aka the master of suspense) work closely with set designers to design houses, apartments and mansions that create a spooky feeling for the audience watching their movie. Can you think of a spooky house you've seen on TV or in a movie? Why did it feel spooky?


Make: Use drawing materials to design a spooky house of your own. What makes your house spooky? Who lives in your house? What might happen if someone entered your spooky house? Email us at bunjileducation@casey.vic.gov.au with a photo of your spooky house design, along with your first name and age, by Sunday 25 October to have your artwork featured on Bailey’s Art Club!

Grown-ups: Alfred Hitchcock is taking over Bunjil Place this October as we "lift your spirits" with some creepy content. Read more about the visual language used in his films or nestle in for one of our fa-boo-lous watch parties.