Rainbow Bird Playground: The Artists

From singing and clapping to listening and observing, Rainbow Bird Playground invites visitors to invent and discover their way through a giant temporary chalk installation. The interactive experience requires no props or devices. Simply bring along a playful mindset, pick a starting point, and let your imagination guide you through the branching paths.

Rainbow Bird Playground is the first socially-distanced chalk playscape to hit Melbourne and has been designed especially for Bunjil Place! Come discover what has been trending internationally right in your local area.

Read more about the its creators below or find out more about open times at the Rainbow Bird Playground event page.

View the instructions on how to play here or create your own chalk drawing at home for Bailey's Art Club.

Event details

Date: Friday 19 February - Monday 1 March 2021
Time: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm daily (except during Melbourne International Film Festival film events)
Location: Bunjil Place Plaza


The artists

Helen Kwok

Helen Kwok

Helen Kwok is a multimedia artist and designer who has worked on playful installations, experimental games, and urban play activations that have been showcased locally and internationally. Her practice often involves blending the digital and physical, crafting work that playfully extends beyond the screen.


Chad Toprak

Chad Toprak

Chad Toprak is an award-winning experimental game designer, independent curator, and current director of Freeplay, the world’s longest-running independent games festival. He has hosted public play events and exhibited his works at festivals and galleries across Australia and around the world.