Art+Climate=Change 2019

The team from Climarte are back with ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019, a socially engaged festival of ideas, exhibitions and events. We're showing our support with a week of activity in May. You know about Vera Möller: A Thousand Tides in the Gallery but check out what else we have planned:

  • Saturday 4 May - Of This Earth: A Sensory & Gastronomic Journey Around Bunjil Place
    We are what we eat, so what are we eating? And when we eat, how does each bite shape the land, touch the soil and write our future? Enjoy a delicious degustation menu designed by Chef, Alex Perry. Presented by Carbon Arts.
  • Monday 6 May - Towards a Zero Waste Life with The Rogue Ginger
    Join Erin Rhoads, author of Waste Not to learn the tricks of the trade and all the different ways to live a life towards zero waste.
  • Tuesday 7 May - Spoken Word: Environmental & Climate Change
    Littlefoot & Company are showcasing a special Spoken Word night addressing our environment and climate change.
  • Wednesday 8 - Sunday 12 May - Punctum's Public Cooling House
    It's part art house/part bath house and during the ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE festival you're invited to step in and experience a super cool place (for a hot future).
  • Wednesday 8 - Sunday 12 May - Hybrid Creature Workshops
    First check out Vera Moller: A Thousand Tides in the Gallery for some wild inspiration, then head to the workshop to create your very own hybrid creature creation using plasticine and modeling tools.
  • Friday 10 May - Accelerate Film
    Spend your Friday night enjoying a FREE, Aussie-focused film in the Plaza that will empower you to take real climate action!
  • Friday 10 & Saturday 11 May - You’re Safe Til 2024
    We live in a strange time in the history of the planet. Humans are building cities, damming rivers, digging up fossil fuels and transforming the very face of Earth. Hear from writer, David Finnigan as he discusses global change and shares the fascinating stories behind the scientists behind his theory.