Strava Art Challenge

Strava Art is an opportunity to explore your neighbourhood in a new way. Create images with where you walk/run/cycle/drive/scoot/move/stroll and upload to your favourite platform. There are daily prompts, stacks of inspiration to get you started and your efforts could nab you a $50 gift certificate - This competition is now closed. 

Dinosaur Strava Art

The Bunjil Place Strava Art Challenge 

Every day this September School Holidays we are asking our community to have fun on their daily exercise outings.  

Strava Art can turn your daily outing into a creative mission and motivate you to go further without even realising. Just by moving around your neighbourhood, your Strava app GPS tracker can plot your course and turn the streets into pictures - like this numbat in Perth! 

Strava Numbat


We encourage you to be as creative as you like, so long as you follow current government restrictions. We can’t wait to see what you can come up with, just by exploring your local area. Watch our Facebook and Instagram for daily ideas to help inspire your art and create your own active GPS doodle. Upload your own map-based pictures, share your lockdown journeys with us and tag us for a chance to win. 

Ok cool but what is Strava? 

Strava is a free GPS fitness tracking app that lets you track your movement with GPS, join challenges, share photos from your activities, and follow friends. 

You can download Strava to your mobile from the Apple and Android Stores. Or visit the Strava website for more information.

Strava Art is made using your GPS to create a picture of your exercise whether it's cycling, running, swimming, walking, hiking ... anything really! Your activity is then synced with to reveal your artwork. 


Five easy steps to create Strava Art  

  • Step One: Download Strava
  • Step Two: Open a map of the area and use the roads or a park as your starting point for inspiration. Look at how they curve and decide on your image goal from there. 
  • Step Three: Use the route builder function to fiddle around with your map and make your design identifiable. 
  • Step Four: Get moving! Go outside, find your starting point and let Strava record.  
  • Step Five: Execute the design. This can be done in one of two ways: you can either bring the map with you and follow the map live on Strava, or memorise the route before heading out the door (eg. bring a piece of paper with a few cues on it).  

It’s that simple. 

Strava Art Inspiration and Tips 

The best Strava Artists all have the same number one tip – plan out your picture! Check out the map for your area ahead of time and see how to best complete your image. You don’t necessarily need to complete it all in one go. You can stop and start each day, building on what you have already created. 

Start small. You don’t need to be doing a lot of kms to get a picture, something in a park can work. But remember there is no eraser, so it may take a few attempts before you get it right. 

We also recommend that what you plan is a reasonable distance for you to complete. You may get tired and distracted, make sure you have a plan B to get home. 

Watch out for traffic when you are focused on your Strava app. Be mindful of your surroundings and have fun! 

If you plan on sharing your screenshots on social media, we recommend going through Strava's Privacy Settings or walking some distance from your house before you start recording your route. There are some useful articles about privacy on the Strava website.

And if you are still unsure why not check out these pages for some more tips and inspiration: 

CONGRATULATIONS to our winner Michelle McNamara for her artwork Gorilla Walk

Gorilla Run


Did you know that we created daily prompts to follow each day of the school holidays?

To get some cool inspiration for Strava Art ideas, check out our Instagram Stories!