Bunjil Place AFL Arts Ready Traineeship 2023

Bunjil Place is preparing to welcome its second Arts Ready Trainee early next year. Once again, we are teaming up with ArtsReady - AFL Sportsready to offer a young individual an exceptional opportunity to join our team for the year.  

Our commitment is to nurture and support young people to learn about the arts industry in a hands-on way and to have our trainees graduate with significant skills and experience in the arts industry to take them into a successful creative role or further study in this field. 

For more information and to apply go to the Arts Trainee – AFL Sportsready website. Applications close Friday 20 January, 5:00 pm.

Nyarath Gatkuoth
Nyarath Gatkuoth, Bunjil Place Arts Ready Trainee

‘The AFL traineeship at Bunjil Place was the best use of my gap year, not only by gaining firsthand experience in the Arts industry, but also creating pivotal networks to ensure I flourish beyond my traineeship!’ - Nyarath Gatkuoth, Bunjil Place Arts Ready Trainee